By now you have likely received your ballot in the mail.  This is the moment we’ve been working for!

The document is dynamic:  the links are live (so you voters can find your district if you don’t already know it) and on the second page, you can click on your district marker and the document will jump to your ballot, which will highlight our recommendations.

It’s obviously easy for us to push “Vote Republican” up and down the ballot.  This document is useful because we are making RECOMMENDATIONS of the most conservative vote for nonpartisan candidates and issues.   Please note  disclaimer at the front of the guide, first page, that these are RECOMMENDATIONS and NOT ENDORSMENTS by the Hawaii Republican Party.  The leadership of the party understand that these non-partisan races are as impactful to our lives as partisan races and therefore careful consideration was put into each recommendation.  We encourage you to do your own due diligence when casting your final vote.

Making a decision for a certain candidate is tricky, and when considering your best option, it’s best to understand that you likely won’t align with someone 100% of the time.  Many times voting is tricky, It’s kind of like catching a bus.  It may not get you all the way to the front door of the place you need to get to, but you catch the one that gets you CLOSEST to your destination.

Thank you for all your hard work and support this election cycle.  We ask that you mail in your ballot as early as possible.  Our goal is to “run up the score” on our opponents and put as many votes in the bank as early as possible.  Many of these races will be decided by the slimmest of margins and we need every advantage we can get.  

Finally, we ask that you track your ballot and ensure it reaches the Office of Election.  Once you cast your vote, sign your ballot, and mail it in, you can visit the following website and track your ballot all the way into the election office: