Legislators ignored our voices and passed this bill HB1567 HD1 SD1 CD1 (RELATING TO CRIMINAL PRETRIAL REFORM) putting Hawaii Residents and Businesses at risk. It now sits on Gov. David Ige’s desk waiting for his signature to make it law.

Bill Description: Eliminates the use of monetary bail and requires defendants [criminals] to be released on their own recognizance for certain nonviolent offenses… 

No! Gov. Ige needs to “VETO” it, not sign it, not let it slid without signing it, but “VETO” it!

Governor David Ige can you hear us now?

When Gov. Ige vetoes it, this will then place it back in the hands of the legislators. We do this by:

#1   By signing the very well composed and detailed petition by Michael Kitchens of Stolen Stuff Hawaii!  You can read it here, but more importantly sign it and share it with others:


#2   Go directly to Gov. Ige via his office e-mail:  https://governor.hawaii.gov/contact-us/contact-the-governor/  or/call his office: (808) 586-0255 / 808-586-0034 → Better yet do both…

However as always be polite and respectful but firm!

Our Next Step?

The above Representatives and Senators allowed this bill through without any regard as to how this would affect the residents of Hawaii (constituents and business owners), and we need to “VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER!”  They must be replaced by true servant leaders who will be the voices of the people! Not beholden to special interest, lobbyist or political ideology, but for the people!

Meantime Gov. Ige “VETO” HB-1567!