Do you hear it? If you don’t no worries, not many do.

However, there is a flurry of activity at the State Capitol as lawmakers wheel and deal before opening day of the 32nd Legislature. House and Senate committees are having pre-opening informational meetings. They’re hearing the requests of State Departments as those departments pander for more taxpayer dollars and support of their proposed legislation to further infringing on our freedoms. You can watch these meetings on YouTube State House or Senate

Social media is flurry of insight as to what we can expect, example Representative Mizuno will be promoting Sports Gambling, Senator Karl Rhoads will be promoting all taxpayer funded campaigning under the guise of “Clean Elections”, and there is much more. See just the Senate Democrat priorities below:

Some good news… it appears Governor Green may have complications filling his many progressive campaign promises. Most recently he was hit by the Legislative wall, as Senate President Kouchi and House Speaker Saiki both declared the Gov’s push to end the GET on food and medical was a non-starter. Surprise, surprise…NOT! We wonder if Gov Green was even listening to his opponent Duke Aiona’s responses, when he tried to insinuate Duke would unilaterally change Hawaii’s abortion laws, as Governor I can’t change laws that’s the legislature.

Anyone with the simplest understanding of government understands that NO LEGISLATURE will do anything to give back power to the people or our tax dollars.

But as we cringe at the thought of our State lawmakers returning to our own swamp, our County Council silently drives us to the Socialist cliff. Just the other day Council Chair Waters submitted Resolution 23-003 which will reconfirm our county government’s commitment to the “Paris Climate Accord” goals.

The Time Is Now! Our duty as citizens, is to stand in times such as these. We can lament the current state of our state, but it’s our duty as voters and residents of Hawai’i to fix it. Are you willing to take a stand for your children’s and grandchildren’s future? Are you frustrated by the big government status quo in Hawai’i and want to do something about it?