The Honolulu County Republican Party, Hawaii Republican Party and the Office of Elections are looking for volunteers to serve as Counting Center Officials for the 2022 Elections!

Transparency is the cornerstone of the integrity of the election process. Election Workers are community volunteers that support operations throughout the County and State. As an Election Worker, you will be providing a vital civic duty to ensure that the everyone’s right to vote is preserved. It is also a great way to serve your community, get involved in the democratic process, and earn extra money!

We could not conduct the elections without the dedication and hard work of our volunteers.

At the counting centers, voted ballots are opened, processed, tabulated, and audited. We are reaching out to see if you would be interested in volunteering as an Official Observer. As the “eyes and ears” of the public, Official Observers test the voting equipment, monitor the handling of ballots, and ensure Counting Center Officials follow standard operating procedures.

Testing – Before the voting equipment is used in an election, Official Observers mark and scan test ballots to count, ensuring ballots are counted logically and accurately. The test dates will be emailed to you. 

Counting – Voted ballots are opened and processed about 2 weeks before and on Election Day. On Election Day, results are tabulated and disseminated.

Recount – An automatic recount, if triggered, must be conducted within 72 hours of the close of voting. If an automatic recount is not triggered, as determined by the last report on Election Day, this event is canceled.

Auditing – Election audits confirm the results reports.

If you are interested in volunteering, please visit the link below to sign up online or contact the Office of Elections by May 6, 2022.  

Sign Up Here
Official Observers

Office of Elections 
Counting Center Operations 
(808) 453-VOTE (8683)


NOTE: Please let us know when you sign up.  

Voting Service Center Watchers

The integrity of elections is a concern of all citizens, and although service center watchers may represent particular candidates, political parties or specific-purpose political action committees, their main interest is in the conduct of a fair and honest election.

Deadline to submit voter service center watchers:

July 23 Primary Election
October 19 General Election

Service Center Watcher Duties and Responsibilities

Observe the conduct of the election at the polling place or early walk-in location during hours of operation.  They may not interfere with the activities of any voter or precinct official.

There may be only one service center watcher per party in a voting area at a time. A designated alternate service center watcher may relieve another service center watcher as long as there is no more than one watcher per party in a voting service center.

At the service center, they will request ID to enter, and the service center watcher will be given identification stating the watcher’s name and political party.

The service center watcher may turn the pages of the voter book upon receiving permission from the election official. The election official shall grant permission at times when there are reasonable breaks in voting activity.

Service center watcher may not use the service center telephone or their personal telephone within 200 feet of the service center.

Any violations of election laws observed in the service center should be reported to an election official, or to the respective clerk. If the election official fails to correct a violation, the service center watcher may appeal to the chief election office.

Stay tuned for more information how you can volunteer.