Hawaii Firearms Coalition, Sept 5, 2022

On October 4th the police chief (Honolulu) is having a hearing to set his rules on our right to bear arms.

Some of the proposed rules are illogical, others are impractical and a vast majority are unconstitutional.

Honolulu (and Hawaii in general) are still treating the second amendment as a bastardized right.

These rules make it clear that they still feel that they get to decided who gets to bear arms and how. These rules have nothing to do with public safety and serve only to infringe, delay and dissuade on the rights of its people.

Below is a copy of the notice regarding the hearing and a copy a link to the proposed rules.

We will be releasing more details and are thoughts as we get close to the date. But this is the time to start asking for the day off work and be ready to show up.

Click here: HPD-Rules-of-the-Chief-of-Police