Primary Election Report 4

We are cautiously encouraged by the outcome of the August 13th Primary Election. There were numbers that  showed promise in many State Legislative and statewide races. Our Party fielded 102 candidates this election cycle, a historical number which helped to get our message out across the State that Hawaii’s people need balanced representation, trust in their government, and resolution to the many crises facing us; the high cost of living, a severe shortage of housing, increasing crime rates, and corruption in government at every level.

Out of the 102 candidates, 69 campaigns will be working to win in the General Election, including 22 State Senate and 42 State House candidates. We will get behind a slate of experienced and well-known leaders in the statewide races – Duke Aiona and JR Tupa’i to lead our State slate, Rep. Bob McDermott for U.S. Senate, and Conrad Kress and Joe Akana for U.S. House.

The most significant achievement of Primary Election night 2022 was the turnout of Republicans. Printouts showed more support for Republicans than in any recent election cycle. Republicans won over 20% of the total vote, the highest percentage since 2002 when Hawai’i voted Linda Lingle into office. We are fired up and ready to take down the Democrat establishment in the General Election where voters are free to crossover vote.

“The simple strategy of our Party is to help our candidates build on the work they have started to ensure that all voters understand that elections have consequences and to remind Hawaiʻi of what we all have endured at the hands of Democrats for 70 years,” said State Chair Lynn Finnegan, “Every election, we hear the same promises from Democrats – economic relief to our struggling families, better education for our Keiki, a solution to our homeless and housing epidemic. But nothing in Hawaii has gotten better. The only hope for Hawai’i is to vote for leadership that will expose corruption, hold Democrats accountable for their unkept promises, and work together to resolve our most pressing issues.” 

The battle for Republicans may be uphill, but we are fighting for the Faith, Families, and Freedoms of all Hawai’i citizens!