Becoming an effective citizen activist, you must learn how to track a measure you’re interested in, and that requires knowing how our State Legislature works.  Here are the steps you can take to prepare yourself for the Legislative session.

Step 1 – The Legislature’s redesigned website is live. See the redesigned website at external link. The Legislature’s website design team worked hard to modernize the look and navigation of the website while maintaining the functionality that users rely on. 

A few highlights of the new design are:

  1. A new mobile friendly version with improved functionality when visiting the Legislature’s site on a cell phone or tablet
  2. A simplified home page encouraging public participation and engagement
  3. A new tab style layout with drop-down menus to improve navigation
  4. A consolidated search bar at the top of every page with options to search for a measure status page (default), HRS, session laws, or run a keyword search in the current year database.

We’ve created a new guide to help users navigate the new site. Please contact us at (808) 587-0478 or if you have any questions or need assistance.

Step 2 – Create your account on the Legislature’s website that will allow you to track measures and submit vital testimony.

Step 3 – Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the Legislature’s website.

Step 4 – Familiarize yourself with how a bill or resolution are handled.  Also learn how to use the Measure Tracking Tool to allow you to follow those bills or resolutions you’re interested in.

What does it take for a bill to become law?

Exploring Resolution

How to create a Measure Tracking List

Step 5 – Sign up to receive email notification of upcoming committee hearings.  This is a great way to be made aware when a measure you’re interested in is going to receive a committee hearing so that you can submit testimony and/or attend the hearing to testify in person.

Step 6 – Learn how to write and submit testimony online.

How to Write Testimony

Hawai‘i State Legislature’s Website Guide