By Your Sister In Christ

This morning I was listening to Rick Hamada who I enjoy and Dr. Alan Faulkner was his guest as I believe he is on Tuesdays. I casually listen, however this morning Dr. Faulkner said something that got my attention!  Perhaps it wasn’t just what he said, but how it said it.  

It was in regard to the vaccine mandates that many are fighting against. He talked about how many people will point out that the vaccine is “not FDA approved!” and with a condescending chuckle he said many drugs we take are not FHA approved and that if we check the disclosures we would know that.  WoW! 

To Dr. Faulkner, we are talking about a controversial vaccine that would be injected into our bodies without our consent.  Big difference and personally I put  much more faith and credibility in Dr. Robert Malone the creator of the mRNA than I do in him  … 

*   they are all experimental products
*   there must be complete disclosure of risk
*   must be comprehensible and comprehended … aka get rid of the scientific Jargon
*   you cannot coerce, you cannot entice
*  we cannot, by law, have infants, children and adolescents receiving experimental products without authorization of their parent.

Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on the Bioethics of Experimental Vaccines and the ‘Ultimate Gaslighting’!

Dr. Malone is not against vaccines, what he says is know the facts, talk to your doctor and then only you can decide for yourself! “The State does not own our body, we do.” “It’s your bodyIt’s your choice”

This should go for Hawaii as well, as Gov. Ige is looking at mandating vaccine for “some Hawaii workers.”  Some for now … !

We understand that a business can require employees to wear a mask, a uniform, safety gear etc. those can be removed after work hours.  The vaccine is a substance that is injected into your body.  If there is an adverse reaction, the employer is not liable.  The Pharmaceutical companies are also not liable due to their exemption. 

Covid cases are rising in Hawaii, they say large percentage are unvaccinated.  Are they the ones in the hospital? are they the ones on respirators? Those that are hospitalized do they have other underlying health issues? How does this compare with the flu cases of years past?

It seems like being vaccinated is not offering the protection everyone was lead to believe.  You can still get covid, you can will transmit, so can you still be a carrier? so we are going back to mask and social distancing?  There’s also talk of booster shots … ?

We need to keep our eyes open, be informed, know and exercise our rights!!  

Hawaii Governor Considers Vaccine Requirement For State Workers
by Blaze Lovell | July 26, 2021

Gov. David Ige says he is considering requiring state workers and government employees to get vaccinated as Hawaii enters its second week of daily, triple-digit COVID-19 cases. This comes on the heels of the Department of Veterans Affairs announce to mandate government health care workers get the jab; New York City’s announcement it will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for all of its municipal workers, including teachers and police officers by mid-September, or require weekly testing; and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is mandating government workers in the Golden State get the jab or be subject to regular COVID-19 testing.

The Choice For Workers At A Honolulu Care Facility — Get Vaccinated Or Get Fired
By Lauren Teruya | July 26, 2021

With more to learn about how the COVID-19 jab will be part of our regular health care needs moving forward, such as the need for booster shots or whether we will need it annually like the flu shot, more information is needed before any decision is made about it being mandated.

Federal law prohibits employers and others from requiring vaccination with a Covid-19 vaccine distributed under an EUA

When the FDA grants emergency use authorization for a vaccine, many questions about the product cannot be answered. Given the open questions, when Congress granted the authority to issue EUAs, it chose to require that every individual should be allowed to decide for himself or herself whether or not to receive an EUA product. The FDA and CDC apparently consider this fundamental requirement of choice important enough that even during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic they reinforced that policy decision when issuing their guidance related to the Covid-19 vaccines.

This means that an organization will likely be at odds with federal law if it requires its employees, students or other members to get a Covid-19 vaccine that is being distributed under emergency use authorization.

State law often prohibits retaliating against an employee for refusing to participate in a violation of federal law. Organizations that require Covid-19 vaccination in violation of federal law may face lawsuits under these state laws not only to block the policy but also for damages and attorneys’ fees. Such potentially costly lawsuits can be avoided by refraining from adopting policies that require vaccination or penalize members for choosing not to be vaccinated.

Organizations are free to encourage vaccinations through internal communications, through educational events, and through other measures to urge employees to be vaccinated. They can take these measures so long as: (1) they are not viewed as coercive, (2) the organization makes clear the decision regarding whether to receive the vaccine is voluntary, and (3) the measures comply with the requirements in the EUAs and the related regulations for these products.

People across the world have had their lives upended during the last year. The urgency to return to normalcy is felt deeply by many. As decision-makers at organizations decide on their Covid-19 vaccination policy, they should be careful to not let this passion lead the organization to run afoul of the law.