Planning for 2020 election and legislative session! Lines are being drawn … look at just how divided our nation has become.  Those of us on the right, desperately trying to protect and save the lives of the unborn human child.  

For too many on the left, a detected heartbeat means nothing; they support dismemberment of babies whose pain receptors are developed, regardless of the torment the child may go through; abortion up until birth and now even after birth, these little ones are at risk of having their lives taken from them … as though their lives did not matter, but we know they do!  

All we hear from the left is the same ole, the woman’s right, her decision, her body, her right to do with her body as she wants … give me a break!  She can do whatever she wants, however as our Resolution on Life says in the first two lines;

WHEREAS, the Republican Party is a party that respects the freedom of all to do with their bodies as they choose, both men and women; and

WHEREAS, we as Republicans also hold fast to the fact that no one has the right to take innocent life;

And we hold fast to that! No one and we mean no one has a right to take innocent life!

Those on the left don’t even try to hide their devaluing of the child’s life!  They look at the child as though it were trash and that is pretty much how it is treated in the abortion clinics, unless there is value in selling any of the parts of the little ones body. 

So we have politicians, the amoral Hollywood perverts, we even have organization like Universal, Warner, Sony, AMC and now even Disney, a company created for the benefit of our children are getting involved to protect the “woman’s” right to exterminate that child.  I can’t help but wonder what would Walt Disney would think if he could see how corrupt and perverse his beloved company has gotten!

There are states that are taking a stand for life, even some run by democrats and they are taking heat and are being viciously attacked by the compassionate left! 

Well I say get some rest, because we have work ahead of us here in Hawaii… remember last session’s HB1184 “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” Mahalo to so many of you we got it to committee! First prolife bill heard in 20 yrs. yes it stalled, but imagine what we can do if more of us prepared or if all of us took on this challenge … so get ready!   

In closing please watch the short 1+ min. video of the Representative that addressed the Illinois house regarding the lives of the unborn child. I can only guess that her heart must be so broken as Illinois just passed the most radical pro-abortion bill, even out doing New York!

Your Sister in Christ

Speak out on behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of all who are vulnerable. Proverbs 31:8

Chilling PBS Abortion Documentary Shows Woman Killing Her Twin Babies: “I Feel a Sense of Peace”

In a recent PBS documentary about the abortion divide in America, viewers watch a woman abort her twins in real time.

Pregnant politician gives emotional speech against Illinois’ radical new abortion law.

She’s absolutely right. As The Daily Caller notes, Illinois already has 20 abortion clinics, 17 of which are operated by Planned Parenthood.

Illinois just passed a shocking abortion bill even more radical than New York’s. June 4, 2019 No surprise Obama’s home!

Illinois just passed a bill that not only legalizes the murder of an unborn child up until the very moment of birth, it also legalizes partial-birth abortions forces all health insurance agencies to cover abortions, and removes protections for born alive babies previously enforced under the law.

Full article:

Nancy Pelosi and Democrats Block Bill to Stop Infanticide For 50th Time, Refuse Care for Babies Born Alive. Steven Ertelt   May 23, 2019

Today, I requested House Democratic leadership to bring the #BornAlive Act to the floor. My request marks the 50th time my colleagues and I have asked leadership for a simple vote on whether children who are born alive after an abortion should be given appropriate medical care.

Alabama Democrat Representative on Abortion: You Kill Unwanted Kids Now or You Kill Them Later

Black Democrat Legislator Calls Abortion a “Modern-Day Genocide”

State Rep. Katrina Jackson and Gov. John Bel Edwards both are Democratic leaders who put their support behind a new law banning abortions after an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable. Jackson, who also is an African America, defended her vote Monday on NBC News, saying she believes abortion is a “modern-day genocide,” according to the Washington Examiner. “I think it mitigates our race’s voting power, it hurts our race’s power in the census. I really consider it to be modern-day genocide,” Jackson said.

Louisiana governor breaks with Democratic Party on abortion

“My position hasn’t changed. In eight years in the Legislature, I was a pro-life legislator,” he said. When he ran for governor, his view was the same. “I’m as consistent as I can be on that point.”

North Carolina Will Vote June 5 to Override (D) Gov. Cooper’s Veto of Bill to Stop Infanticide

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Signs Bill Banning Abortion, Would Make Killing Unborn Babies a Felony

The bill represents the views of Alabama voters. Last year Alabamans voted 6-40 for a ballot amendment that says unborn babies have a right to life. 55% of the voters were women, according to figures from the Alabama Secretary of State.

The 2020 Democrats are All Extreme Radicals Who Support Abortion and Infanticide

Once again, it’s true to say that the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections are as consequential and important as they have ever been.

With that in mind, here are five points that we in the pro-life movement need to keep uppermost in mind and pass along to those who work with us to defend the unborn:

  1. The Elections of 2020 are It seems like the time between political seasons in America has shrunk to nothing. To have an impact, we have to keep up with that reality, like it or not. The 2020 election is underway right now, not later. And we have to be fully engaged in it right now as a top priority.
  2. Utilize the 2019 elections. There are a number of states that have crucial 2019 elections. North Carolina, for instance, has two special US House elections. Since we have to take back the House, these are crucially important and can make all the difference. Kentucky has a key Governor’s race. Other states have legislative races. The more we can register and turn out voters where there are 2019 races, the more ready we will be for 2020.
  3. All the Democrat candidates are ultimately the same. We have to think of the elections as a battle of power between two parties, with two opposite worldviews, and two diametrically opposed positions on the overriding matter of abortion. No matter how ‘good’ or ‘better than the other’ we think a Democrat candidate might be, we cannot let the House, the Senate or the White House fall under the control of that party, because if they do, it is the radical agenda of the party that takes over, not the individual man or woman who was elected. Do we really think, for example, that any of the judges appointed by any of the Democrat Presidential hopefuls would be better than any of the others? In the end, they are all the same, because they all represent the same radical, extreme, pro-abortion party.
  4. Define the issues now. At this point in the race, we have to clearly define for the American public the national issues that are at stake, and motivate them by these issues. All politics is actually not “local.” This is about the direction of America and the very survival of the principles on which it was founded. And the top two motivating issues for people who follow our movement, and many others, are judges and late-term abortion/infanticide. The President and the Republican Senate have already placed 112 excellent judges on the federal courts; many more are to come. Imagine what can be accomplished with a second term! And as for late term abortion and infanticide, we win on this issue even among people who call themselves “prochoice” and “Democrat.”
  5. We were never more free to speak. Many not-for-profit organizations, and certainly most Churches, have been very afraid to speak about elections and candidates. These fears were never justified, and this year they are less justified than ever. The Trump Administration has weakened the “Johnson Amendment” and has made it clear that all Americans, including pastors, are free to speak their mind without fear of punishment or discrimination by federal agencies. Let’s speak, therefore, with clarity and courage!

Disney CEO Signals Pro-Choice Power Move 2019-05-30  American Update

Disney CEO Bob Iger has signaled that Disney will withdraw from Georgia in reaction to the state’s new abortion bill.