Conservatives and Patriots, we already know that most of our elected officials are not working for us, but for powerful special interest groups that they might benefit from. So disheartening, yet we all know it’s true.  All you need to do is take a look at the condition of our state.

But to add insult to injury, our law enforcement division, our police force, our courts are also infected … so who is looking out for our benefit?

Look at the articles below!

I am sure many may disagree with me, however I do feel somewhat sorry for ex-police officer Niall Silva, what he did was wrong! He foolishly filed a report, without verifying the facts.  In essence he lied!  He assumed that he could trust those he had probably worked alongside for years, those he trusted as friends.  

Only to later find out that “OMG!” it was the wrong man!  Later he confessed that he had “falsified police reportslied during Puana’s criminal trial in December 2014 and deceived” . He must now carry this shame with him throughout the rest of his life.  Was it worth it?

The second article is the true epitome of a scum ball, a child predator, and what makes this even more disgusting is that he was a police officer!  Guilty of molesting a 5 year old girl over several years.  

His punishment?  Facing five (5) year probation!  Oh yes and to make it even worse he must register as a “sex offender!” THAT’S IT!

Does this sound like justice to you? What about this young child and what she has and is going through and the healing ahead of her and her family.  How heartbreaking … 

How does the court justify this little slap on the wrist? The phrase “Justice is Blind” … is so true, because our court system was so blind in this case.  We hear talk about how much Hawaii loves and cherishes it’s keiki!  Really? Disgraceful! 

The third article, talks about another law enforcement officer. Ex-HPD Lieutenant Eric Yiu, admitted tax evasion and to lying on his state income tax returns in 2013, 2014 and 2016.  Could have faced up to 15 years in prison … Instead, he could have his criminal record wiped clean after four years.  He does have to pay restitution to the State Tax Department of about $11,654 plus some other minor fees.  Not bad when you consider the prison time he avoided.  I wonder if he will still collect a pension?

The question we should all be asking ourselves is, what if that were us? Would we have gotten off to easily?  A slap on the wrist … as men in law enforcement the punishment should have been even harsher! Because no one should be above the law and especially those who work within the field.  This has shown us the opposite, looks like favoritism to me! 

Please read the last article carefully!  “Kailua Murder” case of Benjamin Awong, his hands bound behind his back and beaten. The suspect Keona Labatad has 60 prior arrests, he was spent 10 years in prison in Arizona, had issue being placed in a cell with a member of a rival gang. Labatad is a member of the La Familia gang, the cell mate a member of the USO Family gang.

I always assumed some gangs existed, however I had no idea these more dangerous types did and were Hawaii based … read more here.

So who do we look to for fairness and protection?  Our Elected Officials?  Law Enforcement? Our Courts? Who?

Your Sister in Christ

‘My Heart Sank’: Former Officer Details His Role In Mailbox Conspiracy.

UPDATED: Niall Silva, who pleaded guilty in 2016 for his part in the alleged framing of Gerard Puana, testified Tuesday that he falsified police reports and lied to the FBI. By Nick Grube / May 28, 2019

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Ex-HPD lieutenant who pleaded guilty to tax evasion won’t serve time behind bars.

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