American Conservative Activist Scott Presler promised high energy during his speech.

Many in attendance recognize him from social media, appearances on cable news, and his work during the 2016 election.

Now, his main focus is on 2020.

“My mission is kind of to reelect Donald Trump on Tuesday November 3, 2020,” Presler said.

He hopes to do this by getting more people to vote.

“I know that Hawaii is a Democratic state and going into the 2020 elections I think that anything could happen,” Presler said.

Presler says his trip to Hawaii is important, in the past, Hawaii has had a low voter turnout. 

According to Presler, he tried to encourage more people to register — during his stops on neighbor islands, University of Hawaii campuses, and other places.

“And what I’m just trying to show people is you know you keep voting in the same people over and over and if you’re expecting different results then maybe try voting something different,” Presler said. 

“The more people who vote the more people are heard,” Shirlene Ostrov of the Republican Party of Hawaii said.

The night wasn’t all about re-electing Trump.

The Republican Party of Hawaii is also looking ahead to 2020 and what state and local leadership spots are available.

“We have the momentum because we know we’re not at a crossroads during this election cycle not just in Hawaii but nationally to really make a difference and really define how we want Hawaii to be in the future, how we want our nation to be in the future so we’re pulling out all the stops,” Ostrov said.

Elected Republican officials like Minority Leader Gene Ward were in attendance.

According to Ostrov, Hawaii GOP’s entire focus right now is registering people to vote.

Presler and the other speakers offered tips to get them started. 

In Hawaii voting will be done by mail in 2020 but you must be registered to vote to receive a ballot.