Aloha Oahu Republicans,

As you probably know, yesterday the Honolulu County Convention was postponed due to the potential impact COVID-19 may have on the residents of Oahu. Although, as of today, the virus has not significantly affected us in Hawaii, your Honolulu County Convention Committee and I, along with Chair Ostrov, believe it is a responsible and prudent measure to take, especially since many of our members may be more susceptible to infection.

We will be monitoring the situation closely and it is important to know that all our decisions regarding the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation and the operations of our county party are made and will continue to be made with aloha. This spirit of aloha is what makes our party unique and resilient. Please know that you’ll be notified immediately once the county convention has been rescheduled to conduct important party business.

In the meantime, with a very important and consequential election campaign already underway in 2020 and with so much riding on the outcome in Hawaii, district chairs are encouraged to find precinct leaders in their communities to help build our county’s political team so our candidates can have the best possible support over the months ahead. In addition, Oahu precinct presidents and district chairs really need to leverage this extra time to continue filling delegate and alternate vacancies.

For our nation, our state and our county, this is a challenging time. I know that the ever-changing situations affecting our lives in the age of the COVID-19 has forced us all to be resourceful and flexible. Please know that the leadership of our county party has you and your families in our prayers, and encourage everyone to practice common sense hygiene and self care as instructed by the Center for Disease Control.

While working to restore normalcy to our lives, we must remain as focused as ever on changing the destructive political status quo here in the Aloha State. Frankly, Democrats hope that we’ll look the other way concerning their abysmal record between now and Election Day while we deal with the impact of COVID-19 in our everyday lives. But if we hope to deliver real change at the State Capitol, Honolulu Hale and in our congressional delegation, we must remain vigilant about turning Election 2020 into a referendum on 66 years of one party’s mismanagement of our government, our economy, and our future.

To be clear, our party refuses to allow COVID-19 to become politicized. But everything from over taxation to affordable housing to declining standards of living are up for debate. COVID-19 will be brought under control soon enough, our President is on the job. But elections are the best tool we have to improve our lives and there’s less than eight months until our votes get counted. Please do your level best each day to get more voters on our side in the coming weeks and months. Each passing day brings us nearer to the biennial opportunity to replace failed leaders with the best and brightest our party has to offer. Along with your entire county team and our growing roster of 2020 Republican candidates, I’m really counting on you.

It is an my honor to serve as your County Chairman, and I deeply appreciate all of the incredible volunteers who are working with me on this and other important issues. I appreciate your understanding and patience during this unique and challenging time.

Brett Kulbis