FROM: Standing Committee on Issues, Programs, and Platform

TO: 2018 Republican Precinct Caucus Attendees and Republican Party Members


State Convention delegates will approve a new platform on May 5, 2018.  If your District has no Platform Representative on our committee, please elect one.

Our working draft, not yet approved, is also available by request, for you to read, comment, and even suggest draft wording. We want to hear from you as we prepare for our March and April decision-making meetings. Your elected Platform Representative will cast your District’s vote in committee.  State Chair Ostrov has directed that we enable every interested member to comment.

If you are interested, send me an e-mail: I will send you a link to view the draft and to comment on-line. The Committee, and all who are interested will be able to read your suggestions and comments.

Any comments, also, sent directly by e-mail will be shared with the Committee and will get a response.

Mahalo for attending as a voting member of your Precinct in our Hawaii Republican Party. We want to hear from you.

Boyd Ready, Chair
Standing Committee on Issues, Programs, and Platform
808-463-2936, and at