What’s so important about November 6th? It’s ELECTION DAY and permanent absentee ballots will be arriving in just 17 days.

The issues we care about will be decided by the people you vote for. Wake up Hawaii! Local folks who aren’t being forced to leave Hawaii are struggling harder than ever to make ends meet, while their American dream is being stolen from them one dollar at at time, thanks to decades of failed Democrat policies. IT’S TIME TO DRAIN OUR SWAMP!

If you are unsure if you are registered to vote at your current address, you have until October 9th to register to vote. We have the voter registration forms and can help you fill them out or you can do it online at https://olvr.hawaii.gov/.

If you don’t register before October 9, you can register at an Early Walk-In location or on Election Day at your polling place, just be sure to bring your ID.

Most important, mark your calendars and VOTE REPUBLICAN down the ballot, IT’S TIME TO TAKE OUR STATE BACK!


  • 9 Oct – Voter Registration Deadline.
  • 17 Oct – Estimated Date Permanent Absentee Ballots are Mailed to Voters.
  • 23 Oct – Early Walk-In Voting Opens at Honolulu Hale and Kapolei Hale.
  • 30 Oct – Deadline to Request Mail Ballot.
  • 3 Nov – Early Walk-In Voting Closes
  • 6 Nov – GENERAL ELECTION Polls Open 7am – 6pm.