Aloha Republicans,

Recently the Star Advertiser, as they do every election year, falsely reported the demise of the Republican Party of Hawaii. Their purpose is to make us (Republicans) and voters across the state believe 2018 is hopeless for the GOP and that — once again — we are already defeated before the votes are even counted…DON’T BUY IT!!

Sure, we don’t have a challenger for every race, but after the August 11th Primary, Honolulu County will have 25 courageous candidates that have stepped up to the plate; answering our call: “Who will go for us, who can we send?”

I’m optimistic about our chances in 2018. But, my optimism is guarded because we have to overcome 64 years of the Democrat monopoly and their pay-to-play tactics, liberal media scare stories, as well as 20 years of our own party’s ineffectiveness.

Our brave Republican candidates, who each in their own way have the ideas that will make Hawaii great again, will be hitting the campaign trail hard. But, our candidates cannot do this on their own, as they need our help. We need to mobilize. We need to get out in our neighborhoods and knock on doors to identify voters. We need to make phone calls. And we need to do our part to get out the vote!

CALL TO ACTION – Our fight begins with the NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION. Click the link and check out the details. Then JOIN US and help our brave candidates WIN elections in 2018.

Training on the Advantage Walk App will be held at Party Headquarters THIS WEEK — on June 12th and 14th. Please call Headquarters for more information and come down to get trained so that we can help our candidates win in the upcoming elections!