This weekend the Leadership Institute’s David Blair, Gabriel Nadales and Alexandra Knowles conducted grassroots training to conservative activists from across the State.  The well attended event was sponsored by the 808 State Update.

The skills, tools, and personal insights gained from the Youth Leadership School have equipped Hawaii conservatives with the basic tools to make a difference in the political landscape in Hawaii.  The energy, commitment, focus, and expertise that were presented by David Blair and his team was outstanding.  Mahalo!

The Leadership Institute will be coming here to Honolulu for a two day training. Please don’t let the “Youth” in the title scare you away. It is designed for any and every one, who is currently involved in politics, thinking about getting involved or just curious. A wealth of information to be learned.

Trust me it is leadership training for all ages. Neighbor Islands this is for you as well.

I know a number of Hawaii people who have flown to Washington D.C. to take some of the different course they offer. I was blessed to attend a 3 hour introduction last Sept. while in D.C. and was so impressed.

To see that they are coming to Hawaii … people we need take advantage of this great opportunity. See the flyer below and the link below that.

Register Now.