Citizen participation in our government is vital if, according to the Preamble of the City Charter, “…the people of the City and County of Honolulu…seek to achieve in our time that righteousness by which the life of our land is preserved…”

The Council encourages public attendance at all Council meetings. You are urged to express your concerns and opinions on any issue before the Council, and to keep your Council informed of other matters requiring attention and consideration. Please call, write or e-mail your Councilmember.

Public hearings are held by the Council whenever the public’s view on a matter is desired by the Council for decision making. There are certain matters, however, that require public hearings to be held before any final Council action can be taken. These include the executive and legislative budgets; the real property tax rate; proposed improvement district projects; zoning ordinances; and the General Plan, Development Plans, and revisions or amendments to these.

To find out more about how to participate in the council process, including submitting testimony and speaking at hearings,

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