Sets city-wide policies by enacting ordinances and adopting resolutions relating to municipal government programs and services such as police and fire protection, parks and recreation, affordable and special needs housing, sanitation and waste disposal, public transportation and other city government operations;

Initiates new municipal programs which the City may pursue or improvements to update and refine existing programs and services;

Adopts the annual operating and capital programs and budgets to fund the operations of the City and County and delivery of city services;

Adopts measures that will yield sufficient moneys to balance the budget including the setting of the annual real property tax rate;

Adopts a general plan for the City and land use laws establishing and amending the city’s development plans and zoning regulations and processes;

Determines the necessity of taking property for public purposes and authorizes condemnation proceedings;

Confirms city department heads and board and commission members nominated and appointed by the mayor; and

Fixes fees and charges for all city services and the use of city property;

Authorizes settlement of claims filed against the city and against its officers and employees acting within the course of their duties;

Establishes fines and penalties for violations of city ordinances and laws; and

Accepts gifts and donations to and on behalf of the City of money, securities or other personal property, or real estate or interests in real estate.