2023 PEM Guide

2023-2024 Oahu Delegate Allocation

The allocation of delegates at Conventions shall be by precincts, based upon the number of votes cast for the Republican nominee for President of the United States or Governor of Hawaii in the preceding General Election, as published by the Office of Elections.

Each precinct is entitled to a number of alternate delegates equal to the number of delegate positions it is allocated.

Delegates at a County Convention shall be limited to those delegates who reside in the particular county.

Members of the State Committee, elected Republican officials holding County, State and National offices, and Republican members of the Cabinet of the Republican Governor of the State who are permitted by law to attend and participate in conventions of the Republican Party shall be delegates to all State and County Conventions from their respective precincts. Their attendance as delegates shall be in addition to the number of delegates to which their precincts would otherwise be entitled.

HRP Membership Form

Membership form shall be completed for anyone not on the list provided. Persons that state they vote Republican does not correlate to Party membership. Sign up can also be done electronically at this site or www.thehawaiirepublicanparty.com.

Hawaii Voter Registration and Permanent Absentee Application

Oahu GOP Multiple Donation Form

Donation form is required for any cash or in-kind donation.

HRP Reimbursement Form

Expenditures for reimbursement shall be approved by the County Chair and Treasure prior to the expenditure.

Raising and Spending Money Guide for Districts and Precincts

We have all heard the old adage that “money is the mother’s milk of politics.” Without money the Party is crippled. As in any non-profit organization, those who serve as elected officers generally provide, or help raise, some kind of monetary support. The Republican National Committee does not fund us. Our Republican Party of Hawaii officers, members and delegates are asked to become sustaining donors, a monthly debit authorization from either a credit card or bank account. The absolutely tight-budgeted officer will often make up for no contributions by recruiting others as monthly donors or getting someone else to sponsor him or her. Sustaining donations make it easier to plan, and allow additional fund raising to be fore effective. When sustaining members fund recurring expenses then fundraising events and newly solicited donations can go to candidates and other outreach activities.

When elected party officers become sustaining donors it inspires others to make the same commitment.

HIGOP Data and User Agreement

The HIGOP Data and User Agreement is required for all elected District Chairs and Precinct Presidents for access to the GOP Datacenter.

Note: List of Republican members and election result forms (District, Precinct and Delegates) will be distributed separately.