As many of you already know, Democrats have controlled Hawaii for 64 years.  Hawaii’s elite Democrat politicians regularly back the most “progressive” policies of any state, imposing heavy taxes, massive bureaucracies and lavish government programs, and leading the leftward charge to socialism.

Our brave Republican candidates in 2018 need your kokua.  We need voters to receive a powerful message from our party which gets taxpayers to question their support for the majority party.  I am asking you to contribute today so that our new commercial reaches as many people as possible on social media and on television.

Here’s our two-minute video that your Honolulu County Republican Party has launched today.  We are making the case that Democrat policies are so harmful that folks by the tens of thousands are leaving Hawaii for the mainland and elsewhere because they simply can’t make a living here anymore.

Please watch our new video and then donate as much as you can to this campaign so we can reach every voter before Election Day.

As you know, Hawaii has everything she needs to be a leader of commerce, industry, and technology.  Unfortunately, we routinely ranked as the worst state to do business, with the highest taxes, highest cost of living, and most expensive homes.

Sadly, because of failed Democrat policies, our greatest exports are our talented young people who are forced to go to the Mainland after graduating.  These are the people we honor and grieve for in our new commercial — our “wake up call for Hawaii!

We need to give our keiki the Hawaii they deserve.  We cannot continue to fund every desire of government on the backs of small business owners and the dwindling middle class.

Most recently, the U.S. Housing and Urban Development announced that on Oahu a family of four earning $93,300 or less is considered “low income!”   Still, even after this jaw dropping news, Governor Ige announced that — not only does he believe the rail should go to UH — but the General Excise Tax should be made permanent to pay for it.  Can you believe the arrogance and greed?!?

Finally, folks, it’s time to wake up our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives throughout Hawaii.  With voters awakened, we can win elections and turn things around. So, if you like our video, please kokua and donate to the Honolulu County Republican party right away.  Thanks in advance for your generous and crucial support.

We can make Hawaii great again!


Brett Kulbis
Honolulu County Republican Party