How to become a delegate to the Hawaii State Convention.

What is a Delegate?  Delegates are individuals elected at their precinct election meetings to represent their precincts and districts at their party conventions.

Delegate eligibility:

a. Registered member of the Hawaii Republican Party.
b. Registered voter in Hawaii.
c. Live in the precinct you’re a delegate for.

Note: Party Registration must be 10 days prior to any meeting or convention.

Per HRP rule 206 to become a delegate after the annual precinct election meeting:

1.  Any delegate vacancy which remains after all the elected alternatives have been promoted and any vacancy in a position of alternate may be filled by appointment by the precinct chair.

2.  Thirty days prior to convention (5 April 2018), if the precinct delegations have not been filled, District Chairs may appoint delegates and alternates from their respective precincts to the maximum number allowed.

3.  In the absence of a District Chair, the County Chair may make the appointment.

4.  Any such appointment must be reported in writing to State Party Headquarters, the respective County Chair, and the respective Precinct Chair, if any, no later than ten days before the convening of a convention (24 April 2018).

If you have any questions contact your Precinct President, District Chair, Regional Vice Chair, County Vice Chair or County Chair, or CLICK HERE and your name will be forwarded to your Precinct President or District Chair for consideration.