Aloha Honolulu County Republicans,

As Chairman of the Honolulu County Republican Party and pursuant to Rule 601 of our county rules, I hereby call for all duly registered members of the Honolulu County Republican Party to convene in convention at Ilima Intermediate School 91-884 Fort Weaver Road, Ewa Beach, HI on March 30, 2019 beginning at 1:00pm to elect officers of the County Committee.

A big mahalo for his help in securing our convention location goes to Senator Kurt Fevella, whom I’m proud to announce will be our co-keynote speaker with Representative Val Okimoto at the March 30th county convention. In 2017, our biennial convention was held in East Honolulu. We hope you’ll make the trip to Ewa Beach, one of the largest and still-growing communities on Oahu, where proud Republican Kurt Fevella dramatically overcame the odds of beating progressive Democrat legislator Matt LoPresti just three months ago for the state senate seat vacated by career politician Willie Espero.

More convention news coming.


Delegates are Party Members elected at our annual Precinct Election Meetings to represent the Precinct electing them at the County and State convention.  Alternate delegates are elected to serve in the event that a delegate cannot or does not serve. These convention goers play an enormous role in deciding the direction, the policies, and the determination of our party to earn a place as Hawaii’s future governing majority.

In order to be elected a delegate or alternate to a County or State convention, the person must registered member of the Hawaii Republican Party and a registered Hawaii voter in the represented precinct.  NOTE:  If you were unable to attend your precinct election meeting and would like to be considered as a delegate for your precinct so you can participate at the convention, please sign up 


Business of the County Convention:

A County Convention is held during the month of March in every odd numbered year to elect County Committee Officers, adoption of County rule changes (if any), and adoption of County platform changes (if any).

What to Expect:

Conventions can be very short or last all day, depending on what business needs to be accomplished.

After the Call to Order and opening ceremonies, the Convention will typically proceed with the following business, in this order, or in the order established by the approved agenda, if different:

  • Temporary Organization and Election of Temporary Convention Officers
  • Reports and Addresses
  • Initial Credentials Committee Report
  • Adoption of Convention Rules
  • Election of Permanent Convention Officers
  • Approval of Final Agenda
  • Election of County Officers (a 2-year term)
  • Other Business
  • Adjourn


After 65 years of control of government, Democrats are taking our state and our county in the wrong direction.  Your participation is the key ingredient to reversing our political fortunes at the State Capitol, Honolulu Hale, and in Congress.  The issues are all on our side. Your willingness to help play a vital role in educating, persuading and organizing voters in your neighborhood is what will make winning more seats in 2020 possible. Frankly, the thought of Republicans becoming motivated to take political action is what keeps Democrats like Ige and Caldwell and Hirono awake at night. So, please join your fellow party members. If you’re not already a delegate, apply today and then make plans to be at Ilima Intermediate School in Ewa Beach on March 30, 2019 at 1:00pm to elect officers of the County Committee.  Mahalo!