The primary purpose of the Precinct Election meeting is to elect or appoint delegates to the 2018 State Convention.  Delegates are party members chosen to represent their precinct at the Hawaii Republican Party 2018 convention.  Delegates to this years State convention will vote on proposed changes to the State Platform, as well as any proposed resolutions.

Listing of Honolulu County Precinct Election Meetings

District Date Beginning Time Location Point of Contact Email
17 COMPLETED Ben Alfelor
18 COMPLETED Marian Grey
19 COMPLETED Mark Blackburn
20 COMPLETED Mike Palcic
21 COMPLETED Cheryl Sora
22 COMPLETED Kathryn Henski
23 COMPLETED Liz Larson
24 COMPLETED Bobbie Pang
25 COMPLETED Celyn Chong Kee
26 COMPLETED Jaime Padilla
27 Leilani Ng
31 COMPLETED Eric Ching
32 COMPLETED Dennis Egge
33 Charlotte Ahlf
35 COMPLETED Maryann SongSong
36 COMPLETED Rita Kama-Kimura
37 COMPLETED Emil Svrcina
38 Headrick Hunkin
39 Danny deGracia
40 Kurt Fevella
41 Ron Wuestefeld
44 Marcus Paaluhi
45 COMPLETED Stephen Hinton
46 COMPLETED John Miller
47 COMPLETED Rhonda Welsch
48 COMPLETED Matt Darnell
49 COMPLETED Lora Burbage
50 COMPLETED Corrine Waterhouse
51 COMPLETED Carol Thomas

*Updated February 11, 2018

Hawaii Republican Party Rules

The following rules apply to our Precinct Election Meetings…

SECTION 320. PRECINCT ELECTION MEETINGS. Unless otherwise directed by the State Committee, each precinct shall meet once during the first fourteen days of February every year to elect delegates and alternates to the Convention that year and, in every odd-numbered year, also to elect precinct officers and two district committee representatives to serve with the precinct chair on the district committee.

A. Time, Place and Notice of Meeting. The election meetings are to be held at a reasonable and convenient time. The organizer(s) of the precinct meetings shall notify Party Headquarters one week in advance of the time and place of the meeting.

B. Eligibility to Vote. Any Republican living in the precinct whose name appears on the membership list maintained at Party Headquarters is eligible to vote. Additions to the list of eligible voters must be received by Party Headquarters no later than 5:00 p.m. at least 10 days prior to the day of the scheduled election.

C. Nominations and Elections. Any Republican who is eligible to vote may, without a second, nominate any Republican eligible to vote, including himself or herself. Whenever there are more candidates for a position than there are seats to be filled, the election shall be by secret ballot.

D. Reporting Election Results. The precinct secretary shall report the election results, in writing, to Party Headquarters within seven (7) days after the election. The elected alternates shall be listed in the order of the number of votes cast for them. The alternate with the largest number of votes is first on the list, and the alternate with the lowest number of votes is last.


A. Except as otherwise provided in these Rules, officers, committee representatives and delegates shall be elected to office by majority vote of those present. Whenever there are more candidates for a position than there are seats to be filled, the election shall be by secret ballot. If no candidate receives a majority of the votes cast there shall be a run-off election held between the top two vote-getters. After each round, the vote total for each candidate shall be announced to those present.

B. In the event of a tie vote between two or more candidates, an initial tie-breaker round shall be held immediately after the vote total is announced. If the tie remains after the initial tie-breaker round, then, notwithstanding any Rule to the contrary, the election of that office may be deferred to another day, provided that the deferral last no more than a reasonable amount of time.

SECTION 312. RESIDENCE. Each elected officer from any organized body of the Party related to a particular geographical area must be a resident of that geographical area. Whenever an officer becomes ineligible to hold office because he or she has moved out of the geographical area, the office becomes vacant.

SECTION 321. TRANSFER OF RESIDENCE. Party Headquarters should be advised whenever a Party member changes residence from one precinct to another. When Party Headquarters receives such notice, the member’s Party registration will be similarly transferred, and the new precinct and district committees will be notified.